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Raid organization and AtR-Rank

Raiding is not an easy task, especially on a server with increased difficulty for raids. All the following rules are aimed to create a successful group for successful run. If you are left out is not because of anything else but to make sure everybody enjoys a successful run in istances.
If the group is badly made, wipes are guranteed, and everybody will be bummed out. Some rules might seem strict at first, but trust us that they are needed.

Here follow the raid rules for our guild:

1. AtR (Approved to Raid): this is the guild rank that lets you partecipate to raids. Only AtR and above ranks (Veteran, Officer, Guild Master) can apply for guild istances.
In certain special occasions (like easy 10man raid) an Officer can on his own judgement allow the presence of a NO-AtR person for gearing purposes.

AtR pre-requisites (that may change in time):
- Being HIT CAPPED (17% caster, 8% melee)
- Have at least 4k gs
- Being full enchanted and socketed
- DPS should have a good "Damage per second". We can request an experimental test on training dummies without using long cds or other buff.

If you have 4k gs, full enchant and socketed, and you are not AtR yet be sure to contact an officer to let him check your gear/dps.

2. Organization: Raids at the moment are set on Wednesday, Sundays and Monday from 21:30 to 23:30 server time. In order to participate to the raid you need to apply on the forum at least 1day in advance.
Real Life issues are more important, but please help us with the organization: Let us know if you think you are going to be late, if you can't stay the whole 2hours, etc.
We will start grouping 10min in advance. We want to start raiding at 21.30, if you are not there we will replace you.

3. ID: If you are AtR there are certain istances where you CANNOT get ID.

Here is the list:

- 10man Toc
- 10man Uld
- 10man OS
- 10man Naxx
- 10man Onyxia
- 10man VOA
- 25man Toc

This list is subjected to change, please stay up to date.

ID resets on Tuesday night, so you are allowed to get ID on those Istances above on Tuesday night if you are not raiding with the guild.

4. Roster: Every roster needs to be made of

(10man Raid) --> 2x tanks, 2x healers, 2-3 melee dps, 3-4 ranged;
(25man Raid) --> 2-3 tanks, 4-5 healers, 7-8 melee dps, 10-11 ranged.
The Roster for every run will be announced the night before on the calendar on the forum, along with the istance we want to run.

Criteria to choose the roster:
- Applying order: when same characters (same spec-same role) apply on the same day, the one who has applied earlier has the priority
- Roster variance: every class and spec has different upsides, the more vary is the roster, the more buffs and versatility the group will have.
- Special needs: There are some classes (like Shamans) who are a MUST for certain bosses, so they might have the priority in certain cases.

All other AtRs who have applied, but have been left out are considered substitutes, they are encouraged to log in the game as well to substitute in case of Real Life problems of other members. Anyway that is not mandatory.

In case the roster isn't filled the day before the raid, Officers will decide wether to abort that day's run or if to do it with PUGs (members outside of the guild).

5. Raid MUST:
- Behave, be patient, don't RAGEquit.
- Know your character, study, use key bindings, use macros. Gear is not enough to be good at this game. If you have doubts about your character ask a Veteran or an Officer to teach you.
- You know a day ahead the istance that will be run, STUDY a GUIDE!
- At the moment we are using Teamspeak to commuicate. Download it, you MUST be on.
- Bring Flasks and Food (if you have cooking bring Fish)
- You must have the mandatory addons like DBM!
- Be sure to be HIT CAPPED (17% caster, 8% melee)

These are a lot of rules, but this is a game and especially a server for tryhards, this is the only way we can have successful raids!!

Abide by these rules and we will have a lot of fun!

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