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TheUnreaL / Jan 12, 2017
Hello guild,
I am sad to announce this is the end of this guild. Unfortunately, no one of the officiers have no more time or efforts to dedicate to the management of a guild, so we have no choice that disbanding the guild and finish this journey together.
It was a fantastic experience, and by playing and working hard we achieved a very good results, but at a certain point things change, and it can happen to want to dedicate our time to other things.
We want to thank you all for the worderful experience we had together, and I wish you all the best for your future!
Good luck for everything,
The officiers
TheUnreaL / Dec 29, 2016
Hello guild,
Since a lot of officiers/members are on vacation, the official guild activities will be paused until January 6th 2017, when all the holiday will be officially finished. I just want you to have patience during this period to start again with our usual activities!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
The officiers
TheUnreaL / Dec 17, 2016
Hello guild,
We are happy to announce that we merged together with Empyrean guild, and Littlewing is our new officier of our guild! Other guild members are coming inside our guild, and we are looking forward to fill 25-man roster ASAP to do ToC 25 with full guild and to start trying ToGC10 too.
The officiers
TheUnreaL / Nov 16, 2016
Hello guild,
No, we didn't forget about you 😀 you didn't see the usual Ulduar 10 on other raid days because we are planning how to organize 25-man. In particular, we are planning to organize ToC 25 man as first priority, and then, if we'll have some spare time, we can try organizing Ulduar 25 (not sure about this, but we will see.
So, please, don't bind yourself for ToC25, it will be probably planned on Sunday evening.
We will let you know further details ASAP.
TheUnreaL / Nov 06, 2016
Tonight we managed to do ToC 10-man in 1 hour more or less, without wiping at any boss. This is a very good result, giving us the signal that we have great people inside our guild. Congratulation to all raider who came and keep it on!
TheUnreaL / Nov 05, 2016
Hello guild,
To avoid losing the possibility to craft abtained raid recipes and plans, both because the person who rolled and won the recipe can leave the guild in any moment, or such person won't log into the game anymore, we decided that only one person will have the right to take all the recipes or plans.
The people chosen for each profesion are the following:

  • Enchanting+Tailoring: TheUnreal
  • Inscription: Melpomene
  • Alchemy: TheCadger
  • Engineering: Vacant slot
  • Jewelcrafting: Phex
  • Blacksmithing: Cresh
  • Leatherworking: Njal

In this way, we are able to guarantee to everyone into the guild such particular objects or enchants given by such raid recipes or plans, as these people are always present for the guild and won't easily leave it.
From now on, ALL RECIPES AND PLANS will be given to such people. NO ROLLS ANYMORE. The only exception will be in case the main worker already have a recipe or plan. In that case, it will be managed as usual raid rolls as guild rules define.
For any comment on it, please use the comments below.
We will add such rule into guild rules, to make it permanent.
The officiers
TheUnreaL / Nov 02, 2016
Hello guild,
We noticed that, due to the fact that Daylight saving time is no longer used till summer, the server time has gone forward of one hour. We want to highlight that raids will start at 10.30 PM Italy time (which is CET time now, not CEST time) which now are 9.30 PM Server time, not 8.30 PM ST anymore till summer.
Therefore, the raid times are not changed.
To avoid any problem in future, we strongly suggest you to follow the instruction written into this forum thread in order to change your profile to your time zone. In this way, you will always see the right time without having to do server time -> your time conversion.
The officiers