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The end of a journey together

TheUnreaL / Jan 12, 2017
Hello guild,
I am sad to announce this is the end of this guild. Unfortunately, no one of the officiers have no more time or efforts to dedicate to the management of a guild, so we have no choice that disbanding the guild and finish this journey together.
It was a fantastic experience, and by playing and working hard we achieved a very good results, but at a certain point things change, and it can happen to want to dedicate our time to other things.
We want to thank you all for the worderful experience we had together, and I wish you all the best for your future!
Good luck for everything,
The officiers

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Being the only officier in charge active atm (due to several personal reasons locking the others), I'll probably start searching a new group to keep playing on Lordaeron: resetting guild activities with new invites and no core group is a tremendous effort we already made last autumn.

RL pushes me to play raids between 20.00 & 24.00 ST, I'll use this a main factor, among big guils able to make a good progress; I hope this will result in a good environment, english speaking, thou competitive, to jump into.
This has been (and will be) my last toon in my personal wow history, so I'd like to squeeze every drop from it.

should anyone (both Italian or eu) would try to search for sth together, just let me know.

Hope I'll be able to play - even seldomly - with all the founding crew (Cresh, Unr, Phex an many other), it had been an honor to share play moments with you all.
Gl everyone for your 2017 an on!
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